Unincorporated until 1896, Emeryville, California, is a small but charming city tucked away between Berkeley and Oakland. The city received its name after Joseph Stickney Emery, a landowner who arrived in search of riches during the California Gold Rush era. The city was once also a significant player in the meatpacking industry in the 19th century. The local papers often mentioned the horrendous smell that wafted from the factories, and the area became known as “Butchertown” because of all the processed cattle. Over the years, though, the city of Emeryville grew from an industrial landmark to one of the most prolific business headquarters in the United States.

A few notable companies based in Emeryville, California, are Pixar, Bayer, Jamba Juice, Leapfrog, Peet’s Coffee and Tea, and so many more. In recent years, the city has initiated an urban renewal project to develop and grow the area. With its easy access to the East Bay and San Francisco, their goal is to capitalize on travel convenience. With the replacement of warehouses with up-to-date, modern construction, new businesses looking to build their headquarters have a fantastic opportunity to do so. The reconstruction of the older Emeryville properties has opened many doors for job seekers everywhere, and the city is delighted to share its growth.

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