Known for its historic lodging community, Felton, California, is a census-designated place (CDP) in Santa Cruz County, California, with a population of approximately 4000 as of 2010. The small community offers uniquely beautiful drives through the redwood forests, and it has a rich regional history. With over 80 miles of trails available, there is plenty of open space for hikers, equestrians, and campgrounds for families that want to get away. The deep forests of redwood trees is a vision of beauty that can only be experienced in person.

While visiting Felton, it is a must to visit the Felton Covered Bridge and the Big Foot Museum. The Felton Covered Bridge is a historical landmark built in 1892 and is known as the tallest covered bridge in the United States. While it is no longer used for the roadway, it is accessible for anyone who wishes to walk through and experience its rustic beauty. Once upon a time, it was the only way in or out of Felton. The Bigfoot Discovery Museum is a great niche place to check out because it has all the Bigfoot theories and possible sightings. They even have a nine-foot-tall folk art sculpture diorama for visitors to see.

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