Named after an American Revolutionary War French Military hero, Lafayette, California, is a city located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Like much of the neighboring towns, Lafayette is a historically rich city with significant culture. Prior to its colonization, most of the land was inhabited by the indigenous Miwok Saclan tribe, while the Ohlone populated a portion that rides alongside Lafayette Creek. They first had contact with the Europeans in the late 18th century, which inevitably led to years of conflict and armed struggle.

The community members of Lafayette dedicate their assets to allocating significant cultural experiences for both residents and visitors. They offer various activities for all art lovers, including galleries, student exhibits, webinars for writers and digital artists. Another outstanding opportunity is joining their Generations in Jazz Foundation. Its mission is to build the community by offering cultural and performance opportunities for both adults and students. As a nonprofit organization, they are devoted to education and providing community joy through jazz music. An excellent program that is available for musicians of all ages is the Lafayette Summer Music Workshop. Its purpose is to give a more profound, closer look into the heart of jazz and connect with the soul of music.

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