Livermore, California, is a city in Amata county with approximately 90,000 residents. It was once a railroad town and now has the largest population in the Bay area. It was formerly known as Livermore Ranch and Nottingham and later named after local rancher Robert Livermore. The National Laboratory, named Lawrence Livermore, makes the city part of the periodic table by naming the chemical element livermorium after the laboratory, adding to the cities colorful past.

Livermore’s history is unique because, during the Gold Rush era, the ranch was famous as a checkpoint for gold hunters on their first day of travel. He was known to be extremely welcoming and accommodating to all those seeking riches. Livermore is also home to two DOA national laboratories, the largest one being the Lawrence Livermore. The Sandia National Laboratories, a managed and operated subsidiary of Honeywell International, is one of the three laboratories specializing in nuclear security research and development. Aside from its scientific significance, Livermore Valley is also one of California’s earliest wine territories. Robert Livermore even planted the very first commercially grown vines back in the 1840s. Livermore’s culture strongly coincides with traces of farming and wine-growing traditions, playing a crucial role in developing the California wine industry.

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