For scratched & stained glass, allow us at South Bay ClearVue to help. With our meticulous methods and expert precision, we help instill new life into damaged glass. Given how delicate glass is, panes are vulnerable to all kinds of damage. It’s for this reason why we offer everything from glass scratch repair to hard water stain removal services. We’re also skilled in glass graffiti removal, which demonstrates our vast areas of expertise. What’s more, we serve many parts of Northern California, which is why our clientele is so diverse.

Sunnyvale is one California city that we proudly cater to. With its Silicon Valley influence, this prosperous community is renowned for its high-tech amenities and modern developments. As the headquarters for many technology companies in Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale’s economy is thriving. It’s for this reason why 153,000 people call Sunnyvale home. Rich with history, this unique area boasts numerous museums and community centers. While interesting, locals are more taken by the area’s scenic parks and trails, including Bay Trail and Baylands Park.

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