Our Success and Company History

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Eric Barker

Founder & President

Emily Barker

Director of Operations

The GlassScratchRepair.Com Story

Originally founded as South Bay ClearVue in 2015, Eric and Emily started with a dream and grew a successful business that not only gave back to many, but saved millions of dollars in glass replacement costs for their clients. Their impact expanded and grew beyond their service area, paving the way for new opportunities and business relationships. Recognizing the demand for glass restoration professionals across the western United States, South Bay ClearVue expanded its network of professionals across 7 states, partnering with only the best in the industry, then re-branded the company to GlassScratchRepair.Com. Eric and Emily wanted to partner with the industry leaders in glass restoration and repair, to ensure that the promise of quality service would always be a part of their name and company history.

Eric is an avid car enthusiast, and as such, spent the first 17 years of his working life painting cars for various body shops in Northern California and around the Bay Area. The attention to detail and finesse required to paint cars lent itself perfectly to the glass scratch repair business. With Emily’s decade of experience in business management and operations, it only made sense for them to start their own business together. In doing so, Eric and Emily have been able to do what makes them both the happiest; spending every day with their best friend.

Eric & Emily Barker love to be able to help people whenever they can. They both volunteer much of their time to the betterment of their community and other people as a whole. They love the beach; which is why they decided to get married on Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz, California in May, 2008. A couple years after they were married, they adopted two boxer dogs, Leia and Brutus. (You will see glimpses of them if you follow South Bay ClearVue on Instagram and Facebook) Eric and Emily also love to go camping with their family and the occasional trip to Disneyland.