Does sanding the glass weaken it?

No. In fact, the glass is actually weaker in its scratched state

Are the repairs visible?

Not if the repair is done correctly. When done properly, you will not even be able to tell there was a scratch in the first place.

Can you fix a cracked windshield on my car?

No. We do not do any sort of crack/chip repair or window replacement/installation. This is not exclusive to cars, we do not replace or install any type of glass on or in anything. We only do repair.

Is there any mess or clean-up?

As with any sanding, there is a certain amount of dust to be expected. However, we come prepared for that too. Whether inside or outside your business or home, we leave the area cleaner than it was before we arrived.

What if I don't live in your service area, but I am interested in your services?

There is a $100 charge for an on-site estimate that is required to be paid at the time of the estimate. If the customer books the job, their final invoice will be credited the $100 for the estimate.

Does someone have to be present for the repair?

Only if you want to be. We are completely mobile and self-sufficient.

Can the same pane of glass be repaired multiple times?

Yes. The repair process removes only a minute amount of actual surface, so multiple repairs are not a problem. However, if our customers are having to deal with repeated graffiti, we may make other recommendations to prevent permanent damage and the need for repeated repair.

Does the glass have to be removed from the frame?

No. The glass stays in place throughout the entire repair.

What are your prices?

The price is based on the replacement cost of the entire pane of glass. Generally, repair cost is roughly a third the cost of replacement. For additional information, click here to schedule a free consultation.

Do you offer annual service to come to our location for services?

Hopefully they do not need our services that frequently. We are typically only called out when needed.

What are the costs for an in-person consultation?

We do not charge for on-site estimates, unless it is outside of our service area.