Farm Hills is located in Redwood City, California, and has an approximate population of 10,000 residents. The neighborhood is situated on the hills of the western side of Redwood City, including the city’s highest point where the Easter Cross sits. The suburban atmosphere has become ideal for retirees to call home, and most of the community is residential. And with an active community association that meets regularly, the residents are deeply involved in their neighborhood.

The sights around Farm Hills are breathtaking and marvelous. The high elevation offers a view over Redwood City and its neighborhoods, and the steep walk-up is undoubtedly worth the effort. Then, down through Farm Hill Boulevard is Stulsaft Park. The 42-acre park is a great spot to go on relaxing nature walks. Along the trail are picnic tables for use and a playground for the little ones to enjoy. Running through the park are waterways that lead to Redwood Creek, and from there, it flows into the bay. Westwood Park is another charming area in Farm Hills for families to visit. The small park has an enclosed section for the littlest kiddos, and the older ones have the playground to enjoy while mom and dad enjoy the day out with family.

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