Half Moon Bay is a shoreline city in California known for its massive surf waves and breathtaking scenery. Established in the 1770s, Half Moon boy was once a rural and agricultural area for oxen, cattle, and horses. It wasn’t until the 1840s that ground had been broken to construct San Mateo County’s first town. Half Moon Bay went through a slow progression, even after the railroads served the area. It wasn’t until after the second world war that Half Moon blossomed, with its incorporation occurring in 1959. Visitors can now walk through downtown admire the city’s historic district, with buildings dating as far back as 1869.

Beyond its historical landmarks, visiting Half Moon Bay is a great way to spend the weekend with loved ones. The coastal wildlife is an explorable adventure waiting in the tidepools, and the ocean waves are an ideal location for catching big surf waves. For those who love to go on hikes, the Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve is sure to become a favorite outing. The forest is lush full of redwoods that date back hundreds of years, making them a wonderful sight for everyone in the family.

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