The city of Mill Valley, California, is a welcoming place of peace for people from all walks of life. Tucked away neatly at the foothills of Mt. Tamalpais, the city of Mill Valley is surrounded by magnificent mountain views and a rich Native American history. The Miwok tribe, also known as the Coast Miwok Indians, were the first Mill Valley settlers around 6500 years ago. The early settlers even named Marin County after their tribe leader, Chief Marin. Available exhibits for visitors include guided hikes through the mountain trails and an exploration of a recreated Miwok village.

Beyond Mill Valley’s historical significance, its land has succumbed to natural beauty. There is a wide range of recreational parks to suit any family member’s needs and a 9-hole golf course that is beautiful beyond comparison. Activities readily available include hiking, picnicking, open tennis courts, and so much more. The golf course at Mill Valley is a beauty in itself, with 40 plus acres of hills surrounded by mature redwoods. It is no wonder Mill Valley and all of its wonders have been a haven for so many. Between its welcoming nature, eye-catching scenery, and rich past, there is something uniquely alluring for everyone who visits.

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