On the northern side of San Diego in California is Miramar, a neighborhood prominent in military residents. Many of the Miramar residents call the Marine Corps Air Station home. Before the area became a base for the military, it was a small, closed-in town aligned with a railroad station. But none of the original Miramar buildings survived to this day. Initially, the area of Miramar was part of Scripps Ranch, which Edward W. Scripps established. In naming the neighborhood, he took inspiration from a castle in Trieste, Italy and the name roughly translates to “a view of the sea.”

An interesting fact about Miramar is that the movie, Top Gun, was inspired by real-life Top Gun, an instructor program of the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics. Because of the popularity of Hollywood movies, Miramar became well known among the masses. Beyond its famous backstory, Miramar is surrounded by various fun activities. SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo are great options for the family. Or perhaps Legoland California has a better appeal for the kids. No matter which one is chosen, Miramar is sure to be an exciting visit.

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