Located 2 miles east of Pescadero State Beach, Pescadero is a census-designated place in San Mateo County, California. The town’s 19th-century architecture still stands to this day, giving the community a sense of wonder. A notable landmark for residents and visitors to explore is the historic Pescadero Community Church. Built during the spring of 1867, it is the only surviving and earliest settled Protestant church. Among the memorable landmarks are the marshes of Pescadero. For decades, the Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve has been a developing environment for wildlife to grow. Guests can access different trails to experience the beauty of the terrain.

If going to the beach is the plan of the day, the Pescadero State Beach is a charming and peaceful spot to traverse. The tranquility of fishing is complimented by the seabirds overhead and the natural local vegetation. The view of the ocean waves crashing can be enjoyed during sunrise or sunset, making picnics a marvelous thing to share among loved ones. For those looking to spend a few days in serenity, the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel is a historic piece of land that is also home to one of the tallest lighthouses in America.

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