The neighborhood of Willow Glen is settled in San Jose, California, and holds a deep history in Silicon Valley. Established around the mid-1800s, Willow Glen was named for its swampy wet area overflowing with cattails and willows and was initially an independent town until San Jose annexed it during the 1930s. In designing the town, the founders created a channel to sustain the Guadalupe River, which drained the swamp and opened Willow Glen for farming and growth. Now, the district is known as one of the highest valued neighborhoods in San Jose.

Willow Glen’s traditions welcome guests from all over, and the small-town feel in the big city of San Jose making Willow Glen a hidden treasure in California. The Willow Street Frank Bramhall Park and the Wallenberg Park & Garden are fun, family-friendly places to take a break after a summer day of shopping and dining. Then during the holiday season, the streets of Willow Glen are lit up with spectacular decorations and a small tree on the front lawn, a tradition that goes back decades. The dazzling lights give Willow Glen a mystical feel that fills guests with joy and a peaceful way to end an evening.

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