Tiburon, California, is a small, incorporated town located in Marin County, whose name derives from the Spanish word meaning shark. It is believed to have been inspired by the prevalence of the locally common leopard shark that lives in the surrounding waters. While much of the peninsula is unincorporated, Tiburon is a hidden gem among the cove. Patrons from all over gather together for its breathtaking views. It is an escape by the bay engulfed in culture and history. Whether planning a trip as a family or for a weekend getaway, Tiburon has an experience available for everyone.

Guests can visit landmarks like Old St. Hilary’s gothic church or the China Cabin, a unique Victorian saloon rich with antiquities. Another excellent site is Angel Island. Located only 10-minutes by ferry, the island is ideal for hiking, biking, or lazing about and picnicking with your loved ones. Mount Livermore provides hikers the chance to view Marin County’s surroundings and the Golden Gate bridge. For bike enthusiasts everywhere, Tiburon by the bay is known as a biker’s paradise. With hundreds of miles of bike routes available, families and biking lovers can go on a unique adventure through the wonders of San Francisco bay.

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